Parisian Style, your Image Consultant Agency - Parisian
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Parisian Style, your French Makeover & Styling Agency

To be able to get the most out of simple gear, while maintaining chic and classy look: this is exactly what the typical “French touch” is all about, which turns them into fashion icons. First look is the starting point in your relationship with others. Therefore, Parisian Style helps you providing in English a wide range of makeover and personal shopper services, for women as much as men.

Well-known for its professionalism, Parisian Style has 2 agencies providing best quality services: Paris and Aix en Provence – Marseille near the French Riviera.

To help you in France or to travel with you abroad, our fashion designers and personal shoppers stay at your disposal for high quality services.

We build the story with you…

Gift Card Relooking

You are looking for a real customized gift? All our services can be offered. Treat your loved ones to Parisian Style gift card.

Contact us for more details.