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Color Analysis

color analysis

Color Analysis

Color has a real impact on your image: it interferes with how you feel, and plays an important part in what you convey.

Wearing right colors is the first step to look well!

You are free to wear all the colors you like. However, it has to be done in a certain way. If you want to appear at your best, it is essential to follow some color rules and color associations.


Clothes Color Analysis and Makeover

Color analysis is an essential step that consists in determining colors that will reveal your personality. Many French women are seen wearing neutral colors : these are good basics, really easy to mix-and-match with other colorful pieces and accessories. How about you : what are your specific colors?

With your Parisian Style fashion expert, you will discover your color palette, that will enhance your looks. What should the closest-to-your-face colors be? These will emphasize your assets by matching up your natural tones (skin, eyes and hair color). Your color-connection is indeed unique: you will be taught how to identify the colors that will reveal your best features, taking into account their symbol, fashion trends and your own expectations. Colors do not have the same meaning depending on cultures and countries: let your fashion consultant explain their meanings in France, to avoid a fashion faux-pas.

Color association

You will then learn how to put them together, to get the required effect. Soft or contrasted harmonies? Plain or formal? Using 2,3 or 4 colors? To manage color-association is essential and will give you self-confidence. The ‘color-harmonies’ knowledge will be useful whether to choose clothing, accessories, make up, glasses… And even most essential French accessories: scarf and bag!

Our makeover consultants use the draping method that consists in approaching various colors and fabrics close to your face, to test their feels and results on you.


This step is essential and will simplify things for you in the long run: you will be able to buy the right colors for the right clothes. That is the end of bought-and-never-worn items.

Rate : 120€

Interested in discovering your colors ?