Personal shopping makeover- Paris Cannes Monaco St Tropez
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Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Paris Monaco Cannes


Does it sometimes happen to you to go shopping and to find nothing? Or to bring back an umpteenth copy of your favorite top? Worse, to buy clothes or accessories that you will never wear? And last time you spoke about fashion trends, that was…?

luxury Personal shopping Paris Monaco Cannes Parisian Style

A different way of shopping

Trying on new outfits according to color and style analysis we made is the last step of a complete makeover, is an essential part to finalize and realize change. This style makeover step will enable you to be really aware that new prospects are now opened to you. The hardest? To change habits and stop shopping items reassuring…


Personal Shopping to materialize change

During your personal shopping we put the theory learned into practice:

  • fabrics: beyond their visual identity, they reflect specific characteristics. Thus, silk brings refinement and softness, wool refers to traditional and natural dimensions, leather comes from a wilder and more sexy world…
  • colors: they were all defined during your color analysis previously; it is now time to give them life on you!

Thanks to your Parisian Style makeover, you will discover the objective effect of clothing and accessories you would have never thought or never dared to wear. You will learn how to seek, associate and wear outfits highlighting you and suiting your morphology.

During your personal shopping, we prioritize missing clothes and items research matching your current closet. And if our French fashion expert could give you another style tip, that would be think quality, not quantity. Buy nice things that suit you – don’t buy things simply because they’re in style.

Benefit from a personal shopper to renew your wardrobe without faux-pas!

Accessories Personal Shopping

Do not forget to accessorize to add flair to your outfits, but don’t wear all your jewelry in one sitting or you can easily turn from chic to cheap! Cuff links, a pearl necklace, beautiful earrings… The staple accessory is most definitely the scarf, one of French woman secrets (another style tip given…). Scarves are how a Parisian woman expresses herself. Here is where you want your colorful prints and bold patterns. So throw a couple scarves into your wardrobe for a truly French elegance feel!

Personal Shopping Day

As PARIS is and remain THE FASHION CITY…
We also offer packages for a shopping day-trip through the Sentier, the Grands boulevards, the Montaigne Avenue, the Champs Elysées, or outlet stores according to your desires and needs. To discover shopping in Paris or in any other cities with your private personal shopper, contact us !


– 2 hours personal shopping service: 160€

– day-trip personal shopping: 490€

Personal shopping has no purchase obligation, purchases you may do are not included in our rates.

Car with driver available on request – additional quotation


Interested in discovering our personal shopping services ?