Hair Makeover & hair stylist - Paris Marseille Aix Lyon
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Hair Makeover


Fashion changes, you too!

Rates : 

Hair makeover : 80€

Hair makeover & hairdresser escorting : women 120€, men 100€

New hairstyle realization can be done either by our hairdresser’s partner or either by one of your choice (realization of new hairstyle is not included in our fixed rates).

Hair Makover

We often go to the hairdresser with a top-model picture in mind, or of someone we know, in order to get the same haircut, and we often end up disappointed. That is absolutely normal! They saw with a hairstyle-expert to carry it out, and you may not necessarily have neither the same physical features, nor the same character.

However, you too can benefit from a professional support by a hairstyle expert, for a personalized hair makeover.

Hair makeover is one of the first steps of a complete make over – before a makeup-tutorial and color analysis with your Parisian Style image consultant. Especially if a radical color-and-style change is to be considered.


Hair stylers

All hairstyles are not suitable to all facial shapes: it is therefore essential to be well-advised and guided by a professional, so as to find the one style that will suit you best. On average, there are 7 types of face-shapes. Each one requires different cuts. Your features are also considered, such as your skin tone, eyes’ features, nose shape, teeth and smile, chin, scars… For your new haircut, will it be a mid-length or short hairstyle? As for men, we do have a lot of hairstyle ideas too, according to your own diagnosis.


Haircolor styles

Then comes the color step: it can go from highlights to a complete color-change. For instance, did you know that a light color will bring an impression of volume? On the opposite, a darker tone will tend to make you look slimmer. To work on your new image and give you the opportunity to get a clear idea of the changes to be had, highlights, wigs or computer-simulation will be used.


Hair Makeover Ideas

Hairstyle makeover will obviously take your own wishes into consideration. To get the French style, simply let your hair hang loose, or tie it into a quick chignon, instead of styling your hair into complicated, fancy or attention-seeking styles. Just as if style comes to you naturally. Fashion changes, so do you! We will show you several ways to tie your hair.

You will surely soon become a French elegance ambassador!

Interested in our hair makeover services ?