Makeover services agency - Paris, Marseille, Aix, Cannes
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Makeover Paris Marseille French Riviera


Worldwide, Parisian women are thought to hold this innate sense of fashion.

To be able to get the most out of simple gear, while maintaining chic and classy look: this is exactly what the typical “French touch” is all about, which turns them into fashion icons. But what is French women secret? Elegant, stylish, glamour? They have a taste for clothes, make-up, and basically know how to look their best. What if it were you tomorrow? French elegance and French women beauty tips may soon hold no secrets for you!


Makeover agency Paris Marseille Parisian StyleImportance of image

First look is the starting point in your relationship with others, therefore, you should not neglect it.

In a first meeting, your moves, your style, your attitude and pose will leave impressions on your interlocutor, maybe more than your speech will. You need to make sure you are at your best. Your image is a wonderful communication tool: so what exactly are you willing to show through your attitude, style, body movements, appearance, language? Whether from a personal or professional point of view, we want to show off what we are worth. A faux-pas can easily make you lose credibility. Having a positive image of yourself is essential to feel at ease. To feel in control of the image you send others is quite as important for one’s well-being…

Parisian Style makeover services are all personalized. We will accompany you as far as you wish, in order to achieve your goals and carry out your desires!

Makeover goal

A style makeover does not seek to transform you.

It allows your looks to go along with your age, your environment and more specifically your personality. Whether to find your own style, to get your self-confidence back, to feel comfortable with yourself, to discover style and beauty tips, to manage one’s body after several variations in weight… Do not wonder any more and call upon our makeover consultants’ team.

One of our fashion expert will share the secret of French women elegance with you, and will guide you through French fashion and trends:

– To get a hair makeover– through a new haircut and ideas to suit your face shape,

– To learn how to make up easily during a makeup makeover,

– To discover clothing shapes and trends that will meet your body shape and style,

– To benefit from our knowledge in shopping addresses in several cities (Paris, Aix en Provence, Marseille, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco…)

Just like French women, get a great cut that will work with your features and will be easy to look after, look after your skin, wear light and natural-looking makeup and do not miss out on high heels… More and more men are also getting professional image advice.

Do not hesitate and contact us!

Professional makeover

And why not a style makeover that would lead to professional success ?


82% of recruiters will take into account a job-applicant’s image on top of skills, to go with a specific corporate-culture. 94% of them think a style makeover and personalized advice would help applicants get better chances to find a job. Companies are one of the places where appearance goes with specific codes. Be ready to meet and seize these codes.


To make a success of your job interviews, to evolve professionally, to gain in legitimacy and charisma or for a professional reorientation with a fast adaptation to the sector codes, do not hesitate anymore to come and be guided by professional consultants.

Interested in our makeover services ?