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Makeover Diagnosis

A style is often due to several factors building up, such as ideas we have about fashion, what we believe we can or can not do, our own dressing habits…


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Image and Style Diagnosis

Any evolution should start by your current image-and-style diagnosis, a study of your character and temperament, of your lifestyle… Basically, your makeover diagnosis should start by getting to know who you really are.

First of all, for best advice and a relevant makeover, we must get to know you! Tell us about you, your tastes, wishes, constraints and lifestyle; put words on your will of change.

Up to what level do you wish to change, how far are you ready to go? Are you motivated and willing to change your image deeply and truly? Indeed, to change one’s style and image, one needs open-mindedness. Be ready to shake up habits!


Defining makeover goals

You want to learn more about French fashion? Assimilate French culture and society better? Discover French women’s secrets? Go ahead! Do you wish to increase your charisma? Enhance your body shapes? Do you wish to change, be more elegant, feel at ease with what you are? You have the potential. What clothing-style do you feel good in? Would you rather be bohemian, vintage, traditional, rock’n’roll, romantic, sexy… Define image goals during your makeover diagnosis with Parisian Style.


Diagnosis for relevant Makeover

Our makeover and fashion expert will accompany you through all your makeover stages in order to help you reveal yourself. They will give you many style and beauty tips so that you will come to accept your new image and style, and feel absolutely confident.

Ready for a makeover and a new life, go for it, you are worth it! Go ahead with your makeover diagnosis first …

Interested in our makeover diagnosis?