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Makeup Class

Makeup classes


Makeup, a detail? Not anymore…

Researchers from Harward and Boston proved that made up women are seen as more professional, qualified and friendly (by men and women)*! Nowadays, look has undeniably become part of the communication tools.

Then, why neglect it? Whether it be to conceal blemishes, to enlarge glance or to lengthen mouth, do you really know how to make up?


Rates :

makeup class : 80€

makeup workshop : on quotation

Makeup class

Even a light make up makes all the difference!

During makeup class, simple techniques and easy-to-apply beauty tips will enable you to highlight your assets and to change your look according to your needs. It will boost your self-confidence. To benefit from a makeup makeover and learn how to make up as a professional, in an easy and friendly way, contact us now!

Do you need a liquid or powdered-foundation make up, or maybe a concealer? As for eye makeup, will it be a matt or pearly eyeshadow? What make up color choose? How to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow? During your makeup class at Parisian Style, you will discover your make up set: colors and textures to adopt to realize a perfect make up emphasizing you, for a day-to-day use, or special event.

How much time and sophistication do you wish to put into it? Two different make up styles are considered for you: day and evening make up, so that you can apply it all by yourself. Your makeup class consultant will also help you define the right make up set so that you get the appropriate make up accessories (such as brushes) to realize your best make up everyday.

As you are curious to know how to make up as a French woman and discover her secret, we will bring some useful tips to light. But shhh! Do not tell anyone! And discover them during your makeup class.


Makeup workshop

You are already a group of friends? An association? A company? And you are looking for a nice moment to share? Let us know about your event or wish for a personalized makeup class quotation.

(*) a 2011 survey leaded by Nancy Etcoff (psychologist and researcher at Harvard) for a cosmetic manufacture

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