Personal Shopping Packages to renew your wardrobe
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Personal Shopping Packages

Tailored Personal Shopping Packages


Based on your needs and desires, your personal shopper will advise you on what the best shops are and help you to renew your wardrobe thanks to our personal shopping packages for missions.



1/ Research for several proposals for a desired piece

2/ Presentation of these proposals at the time and place of your choice

3/ Return of non-validated items to the shop


– Research of 1 or 2 items: 160€

– Research of 3 to 5 item : 250€

– The additional item : 40€

+ 20% of purchase amount

For a precise search, specific demand or corporate gift, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quotation.

Our personal shopping packages

Our personal shopping packages are made for those who want to regularly renew their wardrobe without going through the disadvantages of shopping; from the time wasted in the fitting room to trying to find the right items in the different stores. Our personal shopping packages satisfy the desire for a professional fashion sense by an image consultant expert. For us to be the most effective we can be, our packages are on-demand making them a perfect way to achieve your personal fashion and style goals, or just to find that perfect present for one of your close relations.

3 missions

offre fidélité Personal Shopping Parisian Style

Purchase fees offered on the last mission 

6 missions

offre fidélité Personal Shopping Parisian Style

1 Mission offered* for more shopping experience!

10 missions

offre fidélité Personal Shopping Parisian Style

2 Missions offered* to get shopping all year long.

* Mission fees offered are on the most requested mission package ‘number of items’, except commission on purchase – missions should be done within a year, last mission will be offered. 

You don’t find the appropriate package to match you need? Contact us for a quotation!