Shopping Aix en Provence; spots, guides, tours
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Shopping Aix en Provence

Shopping Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence is one of the most visited towns in Provence and is known as the “city of water, city of art”. Enjoy a morning stroll of shopping Aix en Provence through the city center, in the pedestrian old streets to discover the façades of the baroque ochre colored private mansions and beautiful fountains and squares.


Shopping Aix en Provence : main areas

If you spend enough time watching Aix en Provence French women, or men for that matter, they appear to have just stepped right out of a fashion magazine. No wonder that they are so well-dressed, you’ll find some of the big name luxury stores in Aix’s Old Town high-street fashion such as Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Alaîa, Piaget and Agnès B. Shopping in Aix en Provence is one of the most popular activity in the city.

Discover our Calissons

Calissons d’Aix is an elegant lozenge-shaped sweet specialty created in 1454 by Good King René to woo his young bride. It is now the emblematic gift to bring back for friends and family.  You can find these sweet specialties all over town. For best calissons, we recommend you 3 addresses:  Béchard, the oldest and perhaps the most traditional patisserie in Aix, La Confiserie du Roy René, the largest manufacturer of calissons, and Riederer, perhaps the most inventive patisserie with its well-known pastry chef, Philippe Segond, who holds the prestigious national title Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France).



Aix en Provence shopping guide

To manage a chic-in-the-South look, call up our personal shopping services in Aix en Provence. Parisian Style Aix en Provence shopping guide knows best addresses and fashion designers addresses to help you to bring back best shopping. As a fashion and style expert, your personal shopper in Aix en Provence will guide you through French fashion and trends.  Shopping Aix en Provence can be a family activity too.

Provence capital of Calissons also capital of high heels ? You will find in the city so many high-end shoes fashion designers that you may become a shoes addict if you are not already one of them. Marche à suivre, First, Carmen Steffens, Robert Clerger, you want choice, then you will be fulfilled.

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