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Morphology Analysis

Morphology Analysis

Although we can group together silhouettes according to their body shapes, when crossing them with personal features (height, curves…), you get a unique combination.
Your advices given during your style makeover must thus be also!


Morphology Analysis Style Makeover Parisian Style

Rate : 80€

Different kind of morphology

Each morphology has its own keys to emphasize it. Small skin-tight pink dress why not, but not for everyone! Don’t squeeze yourself into a too-small dress, choose a well cut dress over a tight one. Idem for baggy, in fashion throughout the younger generations. Wear clothes that fit you well. This will add class in itself. « Which trousers shape to adopt if I get large thighs? Which dress should I choose if I am getting a paunch or if I am small? For a man, how to choose a pair of jeans? 2 or 3 buttons for the jacket? Short coat or 3/4? … ».

There too, your style makeover consultant and fashion expert will help you to understand looks to adopt to emphasize your natural assets thanks to your morphology analysis. There is no good or bad morphology, just simple style tips to glorify each one, tips that we will be pleased to reveal during this style makeover step. A one-way ticket to fashion world, here it is!


Makeover & Morphology Analysis

We tally your morphology analysis recommendations with points we shared during your makeover diagnosis to help you to define your new style: skirts or dresses for more femininity, asymmetrical clothes for originality, adjusted ones for credibility…

We also work on fabrics to favor wearing: natural for maturity, soft and fluid for gentleness… Look around at current trends and bring in elements that suit your personality, coloring and body to keep your style fresh. No matter you choose a rock’n’roll, ethnic, traditional or vintage style, we will provide you best advises and style tips for an harmonious and successful style makeover according to your aspirations. But please do not wear sports clothes, French fashion keep it for participating in a sport!


Now that you know how to make up thanks to your make up class and you got your new haircut, then comes the reward: your personal shopping time with your French fashion expert… Go ahead!

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