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Wardrobe Sorting Out

Wardrobe Sorting Out

«I do not know what to wear…», « I do not have anything to wear! »

Who among us never said these fateful phrases? For those who recognize themselves this « wardrobe sorting out» adventure is made for you!


Your current wardrobe

Wardrobe is as a puzzle that we build little by little. But without guideline, all parts are not necessarily compatible. Wardrobe is also an important part of yourself, of your personality with all our contradictions, your charm, your complexity and… your hang-ups! Fashion evolved, you evolved, how about your wardrobe ?

Closet evolves with time, or in any case it should… As time goes by, as professional and personal situation change, we adopt different clothing styles, change clothing size, follow different fashion trends, and convey sometimes a non-mastered look… With your makeover consultant at Parisian Style, we will transform your closet during your wardrobe sorting out in order to be operational at 100%!


Wardrobe Sorting Out principle

Most of us have a lot of clothes in our wardrobes that we don’t particularly like, but don’t particularly hate. We throw them on at whatever time suits us. As a result: we often mix and match our clothing in the same way, routinely pick the same dependable articles of clothing for frequent wear and keep items that clutter our closet without hope to wear them again…
The first thing you should do is go through your entire wardrobe and get rid of any clothes that don’t suit you anymore or that you really don’t like.  Through away old or used clothing, or simply donate clothes you never wear to good will, and start fresh with basics, that should have the ability to transcend every new trend. Do not forget that it is not just what you wear the most important; it’s mostly how you wear it. Indeed, sorting out and tidying up your wardrobe are essential steps for sustainable change as many clothes of your future life are already there !

Wardrobe Sorting Out interest

You will be able to mix and match items on your own for re-wear. Style makeover enables us to work on advises already lavished and to take a first concrete step into your new look appropriation. No more faux-pas thus, and some shopping time spared since you get now new appropriate clothing waiting for you in a clear and well-organized closet. It is much better to have a small, beautiful wardrobe than a messy and mediocre one. Sorting out also helps us for your personal shopping cession coming: missing items are identified and purchase priorities defined.

Your morning “I have nothing to wear” ritual will ends with the help of Parisian Style!

Rate: 160€


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